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48V 800W 1000W Electric Scooter for sale

48V 800W 1000W Electric Scooter for sale

Product Description

48V electric scooter specification

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Max Speed: 35-45km/h

Motor type: Brushless DC

Milage: 40-50 km

Power: 800 or 1000 Watt 48 or 60 volt


Gear: Integrated rear-wheel hub mounted gear drive

Braking: Front Disk & Rear Drum brake


Tyre: 3.00-10

Controller: All-digital electronic control and motor drive system

Fork: Telescopic Fork

Instrumentation: LCD display, head and side light indicator

Frame: Light weight steel frame



Net Weight: 60kg 

Battery Type: Maintenance free Lead Acid Battery

Seat height: Approx 850-900mm

Capacity: 20Ah

Load Capacity: 2 passengers

Voltage: 48 or 60 volt


Charger: 110v-220v (50/60hz)

Warranty: 06 months limited warranty

Recharge time: 6-8 hours

Service: 1 Year Free Service

  • All the electric parts we will use the brand ones, like the motor we use QS brand.
  • We will produce the frame ourselves.
Packaging & Shipping
  • If sample order, we will put the electric scooter in wooden case by DHL, FEDEX, UPS or as you required express, or LCL container

  • Bulk in wooden box or carton by 20″ or 40″ container

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Product Warranty


All of our  electric scooter are guaranteed and backed by our technical assistance and considerate service.

1. Battery

24 months quality guarantee for Li-ion battery

12 months quality guarantee for Lead-acid battery

2. Electric motor we provide as long as 24 months quality warranty
3. Frame/Charger/Controller 12 months quality warranty
4. Fork/The other electric parts

6 months quality warranty

5. No warranty parts
tire, V-brake shoes, seat cushion and saddle, plastic parts, spokes, etc 


Company Information


Company Brief

Xianghe Qiang Sheng electric vehicle manufacturing factory is founded in 2006, located in Xianghe(Beijing-Tianjin corridor). This company grew out of Chengshunlida powder coatings Co.,ltd. It is a professional enterprise that specializing in electric vehicle R & D, production, sales, trading and spare parts service. The factory covers an area of 42,000 square meters, . The company owns the most advanced production line and detection equipments, go with that, there are professional welding workshops, machining workshops, electrophoresis painting workshops and assembly workshops. It is estimated that by 2015, Qiangsheng will become a leading enterprise in this industry with annual production up to 500,000 in order to meet the needs of different consumer from all over the world.

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Excellent Brand Development Positioning

Qiangsheng always adhere to the “Win with Quality” Business philosophy, following the “Integrity Forever” business policy, and guarantees customers’ satisfaction through high quality. Qiangsheng takes a flat management structure to reduce the price of products, and make all the people can buy a best vehicle with the lowest price.

As the Backbone enterprises of electric vehicle manufacturing factory in Hebei Province, Qiangsheng achieves a industry-leading level role, in Environmental protection, usage of high tech production equipment, managing the production process and Team building process, Etc. Through these Qiangsheng has gained a fully admire from the government, society and customers. In the year 2012, Qiangsheng has gained the honors of China famous Brand, Consumers’ Trust Products, CCTV brand, Etc.


Excellent Quality and Service

Growing in the past 7years, Qiangsheng insisted on the purpose of Meet all customer needs, Satisfy all the Employees, Benefit the society, and Develop ourself; Insists on the sprit of Making arduous pioneering efforts, and to be pragmatic first; insists on the talent concept of treasuring the staff, they are the source of wealth; insists on the opportunity idea of Controlling the market information all the time; insists on the development philosophy of First-class production quality to win the first-class brand, embraces the friends all over the world. With leading technology and quality products, Qiangsheng has built a perfect marketing network all over the world.

Our Quality 

1. Electrophoresis Paint

In 2011, Qiangsheng invested over RMB2,000,000 on cathode electrophoresis paint assembly line, chich is widely used in automobile industry, all the paint used for the manufacturing are all top-classed paint with no pollution,no smell, and no peeling.

2. Vehicles with a Automobile Frame

Qiangsheng produces tricycle frames following the automobile frame production technology. All the raw materials steel used in the frame are brought from Shougang(the Government high quality metal supplier). Compared with other electric vehicles, Qiangsheng tricycles are more solid, its frame’s max loading capacity are 1008kg. 

3. Quality Inspection

The automobile factory inspection technology is used in detection of the tricycle’s wheel weight, speed, light, performance of the controller and the signal. Destructive experiment is used for testing with the scale of 2% for the electric machinery, controller, bearing and tire.

4. Professional R&D Team

Qiangsheng has an experienced R&D team, we can scheduled develop the model and technology , and achieve of new varieties regularly, to Keep Up With the Times.

5. Patents

Qiangsheng electrical vehicle have awarded numbers of patents: Double rear axle, Multifunctional shed, Gearbox, Electric insulation box, The movable seat, Folding seats, Etc.

6. Honorary Certificate

China famous Brand,

Consumers Trust Products

Brand in CCTV brand lis 


Our Unique advantages

As one backbone enterprises in the electric vehicle industry, Qiangsheng is inspected to lead a era. Under the Management policy: manufacture the top qualified electric tricycle in China, Qiangsheng devote to let all the people in both China and the world can use the tricycle as soon as possible. Qiangsheng believe that, Big is not equal to Strong, only Strong is the embodiment of vitality,Qiangsheng insist on strengthening company first, then try to develop it in a long-term for the final victory.

1. Ten years Accumulation

After almost 10 years development, Qiangsheng have various ancillary facilities, all the accessories of the tricycle are made inside the company, no parts are made in other place. The long time accumulation of experience and technology offer Qiangsheng a unique production process. Not in the top 3 electric tricycle industry bases, Qiangsheng have the unique style in the innovation of the products and accessories making.

2. Marketing Networks Covers All the World

In Chinese Markets

By the end of 2012, Qiangsheng have set up the Assembly Factory in Changchun, Jinan, Xingtai. The subsidiary companies in Shanxi and Jiangsu are on schedule will be builded in August 2014. Then, Qiangsheng marketing networks would cover all the Chinese markets. 

In International Markets

Due to the advantages of the logistic and internet, Qiangsheng has started its business in the international markets since 2000. Till April 2013 Qiangsheng has already build stable supply Chain in Asia, MiddleEast Asian, Africa, South America, Australia, Europe and India

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