Qiangsheng group is engaged in the manufacturers and export of electric tricycles and electric two-wheeler relying on the electric vehicle factory . The company has 10 years of experience in electric vehicle export. Familiar with the style requirements of electric vehicle models in Southeast Asia. It is the leading supplier of electric three-wheeled rickshaw importers in India. The company maintains a long-term and stable relationship with the largest electric vehicle importers in northeastern India. The style and quality of electric vehicles have been well received by local consumers. The company’s QSD brand has also become a trusted brand for importers in the region. In addition to India, Bangladesh, Nepal, the company’s electric tricycle two-wheeler are also exported to Canada, Mexico, Chile, Russia, Afghanistan and other countries. The company exports 60,000 electric vehicles annually. The main export models include electric three-wheeled rickshaws, electric three-wheeled tuk-tuk, electric tricycle for cargo transportation and electric light-duty two-wheeler.


Qiang sheng electric tricycle factory video